Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Its baseball season and its Michigan, which means, its still cold as hell outside!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Website

Check out my new website:

***Its still under construction but I hope to have it fully functional by the end of the week or so depending on how quickly I get over this flu!

Monday, March 23, 2009


There's a lot of things I could say.
I remember how he always wore plaid, red and green it would seem were his favorites. His love of cars, gas station memorabilia and mostly flowers, gardens and tulips undoubtedly.
He said hello in a way I couldn't begin to explain or even articulate but in a way that was uniquely his own.
He loved coffee and donuts in the morning and indulged in chocolate covered cherries and sweets whenever possible.
I'll never forget his greased jet black hair or the white hankies he carried in his back pocket and strangely enough the sound of him blowing his nose.

This picture isn't how I'll remember him. I want to remember a more vibrant agile man that he always was before succumbing to the reality that is age and terrifyingly enough, cancer.

But that's the beauty of pictures.
We can capture something we want to remember long after its gone.

I know what you're thinking. Jessica, more wrestling?

I was recently privileged the opportunity to travel down to St. Louis MO to watch Central Michigan University's Mike Miller take on the number one seed, University of Michigan's Steve Luke in the 174 weight class in the NCAA National Wrestling Championships. Despite the fact it was nearly an 8 hour drive there and back, and the fact that we literally got out of the car, inside the Scottrade Center and shot, then back in the car to make the trek back to Michigan all within 24 hours, it was still amazing. Yes Miller did lose, 8-4, but he did it with class and still became an All-American and second runner-up.
The atmosphere was contagious and the wrestling, which I'm big fan of, was spectacular.

I'm really thankful I got to do this before I graduate and I'm really thankful it was for such a great sport and team as the CMU wrestlers.

I made it my goal this semester to get better and better at shooting sports, particularly wrestling and I think I did pretty well.

There's always room for improvement but I achieved something it making it this far, nevertheless.

Monday, March 16, 2009


St. Patrick Day fashion - both green and color and added green for your wallet. All the fashions featured in this photo and others are courtesy of your local Goodwill and fitting as well, the backside of many local Mount Pleasant bars made for wonderful backdrops. Check out the story at CM-Life.com

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Time to update this little one, hard to believe she'll be one year old in April.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


The wrestling team won its eighth straight Mid-American Conference Championship Sunday.
The Chippewas took first with 111.5 points and Kent State finished second with 82.5.
The team had four wrestlers score individual championships, along with five others getting second.
"This was a big step for the team," said head coach Tom Borrelli. "They were very disappointed after the dual meet lose to Kent State. This team is young and resilient, every time we get knocked down, we have responded in a positive way."

I love shooting wrestling. Even though I'm on Spring Break, Matt and I volunteered to head to Eastern Michigan to keep up with the team at the MAC Championships. Even though I probably won't get paid or my gas covered but I don't care, the experience and the chance to shoot more than totally worth it.

I can't wait for the National Championships in St. Louis later this month.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Some SIBS weekend out-takes. This girl was such a ham, she had great expressions.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Michelle and Jeff's wedding in Milford.
I loved the colors and the church was big, beautiful and full of light. Which exactly what I need to make some great pictures.

It was a gorgeous wedding, and I wish the both of them a happily ever after!

Fashion assignment for the paper.
This assignment kept me up for a couple of nights trying to think of clever ways to shoot that odd season of fashion we have here in Michigan, not quite Spring but still cold as hell.
Unfortunately this assignment, like some things in life, came together last minute - I found myself with no equipment and no available ambient light, so I improvised with my flash, my off camera shoe cord, and a couple of white pieces of poster board. As well as a borrowed bench from the journalism department hallway and a large black fleece blanket I keep as a impromptu backdrop.
I think it came out okay, but much thanks to my model, Liz, who always does an amazing job and makes the simplest photos look stunning.

Central Michigan's Men's basketball defeats Toledo 59-44 on Senior Night at Rose Arena. CMU held Toledo to 28.9 shooting, snapping an 11-game losing streak against the Rockets.CMU (10-18, 6-9 MAC) plays Western Michigan at 2 p.m. Saturday in Kalamazoo. The Broncos defeated the Chippewas 72-63 on Jan. 17 in Rose Arena. "For us we did not play probably with the right fire and passion that we can play with the first time we played Western," Zeigler said. "And whenever you're playing your rival you have to be up for those games and I think this performance tonight will definitely bode well for our confidence going down there."